• 15Jan

    Some of our favourite sandwitches – thought it would be unfair not to share!

    1) Fruity stilton rolls * Ssesame seed roll preferably the long ‘finger’ kind – crusty naturally. * Rroasted Mmediterraneian vegetable humous * Mmango chutney * Bblue stilton cheese

    Put spreaed/butter on bread to taste. Then generously smear the humous on. Cut thickish slices of stilton -– careful, too thin and it crumbles! But beware, stilton is a strong cheese! Probably best if you just put chunks on, do not cover the entire surface. Then drizzele mango chutney -– the runnier the better – over the top. Options are: do you have it as an open sarni or as a closed roll? It’s up to you.

    This origonally appeared on our internal home wiki and then later was placed upon our personal blog!

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